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Премия Артура Эллиса

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Автор Stark
Премия Артура Эллиса (The Arthur Ellis Award) - ежегодная премия Ассоциации детективных писателей Канады. Присуждается с 1983 года.
«Ассоциация детективных писателей Канады назвала эту премию по имени Артура Эллиса; этот человек — настоящее его имя было Артур Инглиш — служил с 1913-го по 1935-й в Канаде палачом; его дядюшка Джон в тот же период служил палачом в Англии. Впоследствии палачи в Канаде принимали имя «Артур Эллис» как профессиональный псевдоним».
(с) Джон Ирвинг «Мужчины не ее жизни»

Синим цветом выделены победители.
Жирным шрифтом выделены произведения, изданные на русском языке.

За 1983

Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Derrick Murdoch

«АЭ» - The Night the Gods Smiled by Eric Wright
Mecca by William Deverell
Dead in the Water by Ted Wood


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Tony Aspler

«АЭ» - Murder Sees the Light by Howard Engel
The Dance of Shiva by William Deverell
Precious by Douglas Glover
Murder Before Matins by John Reeves
Smoke Detector by Eric Wright

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Martin Friedland, The Trials of Israel Lipsky, Beaufort


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Маргарет Миллар (Margaret Millar)

«АЭ» - Death in the Old Country by Eric Wright
The Inner Ring by Maurice Gagnon
Red Fox by Anthony Hyde
Murder with Muskets by John Reeves
The Suspect by L.R. Wright

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Maggie Siggins, A Canadian Tragedy, McClelland & Stewart


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
The CBC Drama Department

«АЭ» - Buried on Sunday by Edward O. Phillips
Тимоти Финдли «Ложь» - The Telling of Lies by Timothy Findley
To an Easy Grave by Alexander Law
Fool's Gold by Ted Wood
A Single Death (The Man Who Changed His Name) by Eric Wright

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Murder on the Run by Medora Sale

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Elliott Leyton, Hunting Humans, McClelland & Stewart


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Jim Reicke, J. D. Singh

«АЭ» - Swann (Mary Swann) by Carol Shields
Madelaine by Joseph Louis
Mortal Sins by Anna Porter
A Body Surrounded by Water by Eric Wright

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Лоуренс Гоуф "Аквариум для золотой рыбки" - The Goldfish Bowl by Laurence Gough
Merlin’s Web by Susan Mayse
Gallows View by Peter Robinson

«АЭ» - “Looking for an Honest Man” by Eric Wright, Cold Blood: Murder in Canada
“Murder by Half” by Tony Aspler, Cold Blood: Murder in Canada
“Magic Nights” by Jas. R. Petrin, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, March 1987
“Prarie Heat” by Jas. R. Petrin, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, November 1987
“Pit Bull” by Ted Wood, Cold Blood: Murder in Canada

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Gary Ross, Stung: The Incredible Obsession of Brian Moloney, McClelland & Stewart


«АЭ» - Jack: A Novel About Jack the Ripper by Chris Scott
Platinum Blues by William Deverell
Лоуренс Гоуф "Смерть на рыболовном крючке" - Death on a No. 8 Hook (Silent Knives) by Laurence Gough
A Dedicated Man by Peter Robinson

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - A Stone of the Heart by John Brady
Ladies’ Night by Elisabeth Bowers
The Stalking Horse (The Third Circle) by Brendan Howley
Murder in a Cold Climate by Scott Young

«АЭ» - “Killer in the House” by Jas. R. Petrin, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Mid-December 1988
“One Day at a Time” by William Bankier, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, October 1988
“Still Life with Orioles” by James Powell, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, December 1988

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Mick Lowe, Conspiracy of Brothers, Macmillan of Canada


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Eric Wilson

«АЭ» - Лоуренс Гоуф "Горячие дозы" - Hot Shots by Laurence Gough
Straight No Chaser by Jack Batten
Unholy Ground by John Brady
Mindfield by William Deverell
The Hanging Valley by Peter Robinson

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - The Man Who Murdered God by John Lawrence Reynolds
Death on 30 Beat by Maynard Collins
The Rempal Inquest by Keith McKinnon

«АЭ» - “Humbug” by Josef Skvorecky, The End of Lieutenant Boruvka
“One Day at a Time” by William Bankier, Cold Blood II
“Safe as Houses” by Elaine Mitchell Matlow, Cold Blood II
“Burning Bridges” by James Powell, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, February 1989
“Kaput” by Eric Wright, Mistletoe Mysteries

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - 1990 Lisa Priest, Conspiracy of Silence, McClelland & Stewart


«АЭ» - A Chill Rain in January by L.R. Wright
Kaddish in Dublin by John Brady
Лоуренс Гоуф "Тяжкие преступления" - Serious Crimes by Laurence Gough
Lies of Silence by Brian Moore
And Leave Her Lay Dying by John Lawrence Reynolds
Caedmon’s Song (The First Cut) by Peter Robinson

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Sniper’s Moon by Carsten Stroud
Fatal Choices by James M. Burke
Last Rights by David Laing Dawson

«АЭ» - “Innocence” by Peter Robinson, Cold Blood III
“Out of Bounds” by John North, Cold Blood III
“Man on the Roof” by Jas. R. Petrin, Cold Blood III
“Blind Date” by Sara Plews, Cold Blood III
“The Tamewrlane Crutch” by James Powell, Cold Blood III

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Susan Mayse, Ginger: The Life and Death of Albert Goodwin, Harbour

Критическая работа (Best Genre Criticism/Reference Award):
«АЭ» - Donald A. Redmond, Sherlock Holmes Among the Pirates, Greenwood Press


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
William Bankier, James Powell, Peter Sellers

«АЭ» - Past Reason Hated by Peter Robinson
Лоуренс Гоуф "Случайные смерти" - Accidental Deaths by Laurence Gough
Fall from Grace by L.R. Wright

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Flesh Wound by Paul Grescoe
The Jacamar Nest by David Parry & Patrick Withrow
The Chocolate Box by Leslie Watts

«АЭ» - “Two in the Bush” by Eric Wright, Christmas Stalkings
“Wild Stock” by Gail Helgason, Great Canadian Murder & Mystery Stories
“Santa’s Way” by James Powell, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Mid-December 1991
“Winter Hiatus” by James Powell, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, October 1991
“This One’s Trouble” by Peter Sellers, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, July 1991

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - William Lowther, Arms and the Man: Dr. Gerald Bull, Iraq and the Supergun, Doubleday Canada

Критическая работа (Best Genre Criticism/Reference Award):
«АЭ» - Wesley A. Wark, Spy Fiction, Spy Films and Real Intelligence, Frank Cass


«АЭ» - Lizardskin by Carsten Stroud
The Wandering Soul Murders by Gail Bowen
Лоуренс Гоуф "Свободное падение" - Fall Down Easy by Laurence Gough
Wednesday’s Child by Peter Robinson
Pursued by Shadows by Medora Sale

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Passion Play by Sean Stewart
A Sense of Honour by Roy French
A Murder of Crows by Margaret Haffner
A Very Palpable Hit by Douglas Marshall
Found: A Body by Betsy Struthers

«АЭ» - “Mantrap” by Nancy Kilpatrick, Murder, Mayhem and the Macabre
“Wade in the Balance” by William Bankier, Criminal Shorts
“Custom Killing” by Howard Engel, Criminal Shorts
“Fracture Patterns” by Gail Helgason, Christmas Stalkings
“Murder at Louisburg” by Ted Wood, Cold Blood IV

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Kirk Makin, Redrum the Innocent, Viking Penguin


«АЭ» - Gypsy Sins by John Lawrence Reynolds
All Souls by John Brady
There Was an Old Woman by Howard Engel
Virtual Light by William Gibson
Water Damage by Gregory Ward
Prized Possessions by L.R. Wright

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Memory Trace by Gavin Scott
The Bloody Man by Bevan Amberhill
Dead and Living by Jane Bow
Deadlock by Stuart Langford
Alaska Highway Two-Step by Caroline Woodward

«АЭ» - “Just Like Old Times” by Robert J. Sawyer, On Spec, Summer 1993; Relativity
“East End Safe” by Jas. R. Petrin, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, June 1993
“The Fixer-Upper” by James Powell, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, May 1993
“The Casebook of Dr. Billinggate” by Eric Wright, New Mystery
“The Duke” by Eric Wright, 2nd Culprit

Детский роман:
«АЭ» - John Dowd, Abalone Summer, Raincoast

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - David R. Williams, With Malice Aforethought, Sono Nis

«АЭ» - Timothy Findley, The Stillborn Lover, Blizzard


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Jim & Margaret McBride

«АЭ» - A Colder Kind of Death by Gail Bowen
Lights Out by Peter Abrahams
The Good Life by John Brady
Solitary Dancer by John Lawrence Reynolds
A Touch of Panic by L.R. Wright

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - What’s a Girl Gotta Do? by Sparkle Hayter
Healthy, Wealthy and Dead by Suzanne North
Every Breath You Take by Michelle Spring

«АЭ» - “Midnight Boat to Palermo” by Rosemary Aubert, Cold Blood V
“The Big Lonely” by William Bankier, Cold Blood V
“Death of a Dragon” by Eliza Moorhouse, Cold Blood V
“Midnight at Manger’s Bird and Beast” by James Powell, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, December 1994
“Lawn Sale” by Peter Robinson, Cold Blood V
“Summer Rain” by Peter Robinson, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, December 1994

Детский роман:
«АЭ» - James Heneghan, Torn Away, Viking

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Michael Harris, The Prodigal Husband, McClelland & Stewart


«АЭ» - Mother Love by L.R. Wright
Street Legal: The Betrayal by William Deverell
Striking Out by Alison Gordon
Heartbreaker by Laurence Gough
No Cure for Love by Peter Robinson

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Last Castrato by John Spencer Hill
«АЭ» - Moonlit Days and Nights by D.H. Toole
Deadly by Nature by Meredith Andrew
No Blood Relative by Terry Carroll
Debut for a Spy by Harry Currie

«АЭ» - “Cotton Armour” by Mary Jane Maffini, Ladies Killing Circle
“This Town Ain’t Big Enough” by Tanya Huff, Vampire Detectives
“The Rasputin Faberge” by James Powell, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, October 1995
“Breakout from Mistletoe Five” by James Powell, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Mid-December 1995
“Carrion” by Peter Robinson, No Alibi

Детский роман:
«АЭ» - Norah McClintock, Mistaken Identity, Scholastic

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Lois Simmie, The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson (A True Story of Love & Murder), Greystone Books


«АЭ» - Innocent Graves by Peter Robinson
Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
Light from Dead Stars by Martin S. Cohen
Nice Girls Finish Last by Sparkle Hayter
Fatal Flaw by Frank Smith

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Death at Buckingham Palace by C.C. Benison
Plane Death by Anne M. Dooley
Throwaway Angels by Nancy Richler
Gas Head Willy by Richard J. Thomas

«АЭ» - “Dead Run” by Richard K. Bercuson, Storyteller, Winter 1996-1997
“Too Broke for Bullets” by Jane Dias, Storyteller
“Dogs in Winter” by Eden Robinson, Trapline: Stories
“Murder in the Abbey” by Brad Spurgeon, Murderous Intent, Spring 1996
“The Piano Player Has No Fingers” by Edo van Belkom, The Piano Player Has No Fingers

Детский роман:
«АЭ» - Linda Bailey, How Can A Frozen Detective Stay Hot On The Trail, Kids Can Press

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Jean Monet, The Cassock And The Crown, McGill/Queen's University Press


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Howard Engel, Eric Wright

«АЭ» - Trial of Passion by William Deverell
Free Reign by Rosemary Aubert
Death at Sandringham House by C.C. Benison
Ghirlandaio’s Daughter by John Spencer Hill
Dead Right (Blood at the Root) by Peter Robinson
Illegal Alien by Robert J. Sawyer

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Кэти Райх «Уже мертва» - Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs
Shanghai Alley by Jim Christy
Лин Гамильтон "Гнев Шибальбы" - The Xibalba Murders by Lyn Hamilton
Except the Dying by Maureen Jennings
Blood Libel by Allan Levine
Undercut by John Worsley Simpson

«АЭ» - “Widow’s Weeds” by Sue Pike, Cottage Country Killers
“Rigged to Blow” by John Ballem, Secret Tales of the Arctic Trails
Питер Робинсон «Две дамы из Розового коттеджа» - “The Two Ladies of Rose Cottage” by Peter Robinson, Malice Domestic 6
“The Hand You’re Dealt” by Robert J. Sawyer, Free Space/Fictionwise
“The Rug” by Edo van Belkom, Robert Bloch’s Psychos

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - When She Was Bad; Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence by Patricia Pearson
Cheats, Charlatans, and Chicanery: More Outrageous Tales of Skulduggery by Andreas Schroeder
Churchill and Secret Service by David Stafford

Детский роман:
What's A Daring Detective Like Me Doing in The Doghouse? by Linda Bailey
Terror in Florida by Roy McGregor
«АЭ» - The Body in the Basement by Norah McClintock
Vanishing Act by Cora Taylor
Maxim Gunn: The Demon Plan by Nicholas Boving


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Ted Wood

«АЭ» - Old Wounds by Nora Kelly
Verdict in Blood by Gail Bowen
Cold Comfort by Scott Mackay
Кэролайн Роу "Лекарство от измены" - Remedy for Treason by Caroline Roe
Next Week Will Be Better by Jean Ruryk
Standing in the Shadows by Michelle Spring

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Sudden Blow by Liz Brady
Lethal Practice by Peter Clement
Hoot to Kill by Karen Dudley
Down in the Dumps by H. Mel Malton
The Electrical Field by Kerri Sakamoto

«АЭ» - “Last Inning” by Scott Mackay, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, February 1998
“Do You Take This Man?” by Barry Baldwin, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, December 1998
“The Hunter of the Guileless” by J.S. Lyster, Storyteller, Fall 1998
“Strangers on a Sleigh” by James Powell, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, January 1998
“Getting Ahead” by Wayne Yetman, Storyteller, Spring 1998

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - No Claim To Mercy by Derek Finkle
Blue Trust by Stevie Cameron
Getting Away With Murder by David M Paciocco
A Hand In The Water by Bill Schiller
A Friend Of The Family by Alison Shaw
A Stolen Life by Rudy Wiebe and Yvonne Johnson

Детский роман:
«АЭ» - Sins Of The Father by Norah McClintock
Surfers Of Snow by Kim Askew
Trial By Fire by Sheila Dalton
Secret Of Devils Lake by Robert Sutherland
The Intrepid Polly McDoodle by Mary Woodbury


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Eddie Barber, Rick Blechta, John North, David Skene-Melvin

«АЭ» - The Feast of Stephen by Rosemary Aubert
The Dead of Winter by Lisa Appignanesi
Slander by William Deverell
Джон Фарроу «Ледяной город» - City of Ice by John Farrow
In a Dry Season by Peter Robinson

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Lost Girls by Andrew Pyper
Crimes of War by Peter Hogg
Pluto Rising by Karen Irving
Speak Ill of the Dead by Mary Jane Maffini
Guilty Addictions by Garrett Wilson

«АЭ» - “One More Kill” by Matt Hughes, Blue Murder Mag, December 1999
“Fair Lady” by Therese Greenwood, Menopause is Murder
“Kicking the Habit” by Mary Jane Maffinii, Menopause is Murder
“Jerrold’s Meat” by James Powell, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, April 1999
“Murdoch’s Wife” by Peter Sellers, Whistling Past the Graveyard & Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, May 1993

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Cowboys and Indians by Gordon Sinclair Jr.
Hell's Angels at War by Yves Lavigne
The Big Red Fox by Peter McSherry
Money for Nothing by Jeremy Mercer
A Mother's Story by Joyce Millgaard/Peter Edwards

Детский роман:
«АЭ» - How Can a Brilliant Detective Shine in the Dark by Linda Bailey
That Kind of Money by Vicki Cameron
The Ghost of Captain Briggs by May Labatt
Grave Secrets by Sylvia McNicholl
The Mystery of Ireland's Eye by Shane Peacock

Книга на французском языке:
«АЭ» - Louna by Lionel Noel
Les fiancees de l'enfer by Chystine Brouillet
Blockhaus by Arthur Ghost
Therapie mortelle by Giles Ouimet/Anne-Marie Pona
Le temps s'enfuit by Stanley Pean


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
L.R. Wright

«АЭ» - Cold Is the Grave by Peter Robinson
Джайлс Блант «Сорок имен скорби» - Forty Words for Sorrow by Giles Blunt
One-Eyed Jacks by Brad Smith
The Kidnapping of Rosie Dawn by Eric Wright
Kidnap by L.R. Wright

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Hands Like Clouds by Mark Zuehlke
Dying by Degrees by Eileen Coughlan
If Angels Fall by Rick Mofina
To Die in Spring by Sylvia Maultash Warsh
Diamond Dogs by Alan Watt

«АЭ» - “Murder in Utopia” by Peter Robinson, Crime Through Time III
“The Weeping Time” by Maureen Jennings, Crime Through Time III
“The Collusionists” by Scott Mackay, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, September/October 2000
“Murder on the Polar Bear Express” by Peter Sellers, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, January 2001
“Catabolism” by Edo van Belkom, Felonious Felines

Детский роман:
«АЭ» - Tim Wynne-Jones, The Boy in the Burning House, Groundwood Books

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - A.B. McKillop, The Spinster and the Prophet, Macfarlane, Walter & Ross

Книга на французском языке:
«АЭ» - Norman Spehner, Le roman policier en Amerique francaise, Alire


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
James Dubro, Caro Soles

«АЭ» - In the Midnight Hour by Michelle Spring
The Laughing Falcon by William Deverell
Джон Фарроу «Ледяное озеро» - Ice Lake by John Farrow
Cold Fear by Rick Mofina
Питер Робинсон "За гранью" - Aftermath by Peter Robinson

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - The Boy Must Die by Jon Redfern
The Thief Taker by T.F. Banks
The Devil in Me by J.D. Carpenter
Missing: Presumed Dead by James Hawkins
Every Wickedness by Cathy Vasas-Brown

«АЭ» - “Sign of the Times” by Mary Jane Maffini, Fit to Die
“Coup de Grace” by Barbara Fradkin, Iced: The New Noir Anthology of Cold, Hard Fiction
“Double Trouble” by Barbara Fradkin, Fit to Die
“Blind Alley” by Mary Jane Maffini, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, November 2001
“Avenging Miriam” by Peter Sellers, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, December 2001

Детский роман:
«АЭ» - Norah McClintock, Scared to Death, Scholastic Canada

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Stevie Cameron & Harvey Cashore, The Last Amigo, Macfarlane Walter & Ross

Книга на французском языке:
«АЭ» - Anne-Michèle Lévesque, Fleur invitait au troisième, Vents d'Ouest


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Margaret Cannon

«АЭ» - Blood of Others by Rick Mofina
Blackflies Are Murder by Lou Allin
Once Upon a Time by Barbara Fradkin
Hot Pursuit by Nora Kelly
Кэти Райх "Смертельные тайны" - Grave Secrets by Kathy Reichs

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Midnight Cab by James W. Nichol
The Unlikely Victims by Alvin Abram
Undertow by Thomas Rendell Curran
Work of Idle Hands by Jonathon Platz
Come Clean by Kevin J. Porter

«АЭ» - “Bottom Walker” by James Powell, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, May 2002
“Timber Town Justice” by Barbara Fradkin, Storyteller, Summer 2002
“The Last Name” by Cecilia Kennedy, Storyteller, Summer 2002
“The Christmas Tree Farm” by Scott Mackay, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, January 2002
“Maisie’s Safe House” by Wes Smiderle, Storyteller, Winter 2002
“Taking Care of Howard” by Linda Wiken, Over My Dead Body, Special Edition 2002

Детский роман:
«АЭ» - Norah McClintock, Break and Enter, Scholastic Canada

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Andrew Mitrovica, Covert Entry, Random House Canada

Книга на французском языке:
«АЭ» - Jacques Côté, Le rouge ideal, Alire


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Cheryl Freedman

«АЭ» - Джайлс Блант «Нежная буря» - The Delicate Storm by Giles Blunt
Lament for a Lounge Lizard by Mary Jane Maffini
The Glenwood Treasure by Kim Moritsugu
The Hua Shuan Hospital Murders by David Rotenberg
The Summer that Never Was (Close to Home) by Peter Robinson

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Just Murder by Jan Rehner
Amuse Bouche by Anthony Bidulka
Confession in Moscow by Michael Johnson
The Mazovia Legacy by Michael E. Rose
The Sleeping Boy by Barbara J. Stewart

«АЭ» - “Dead Wood” by Gregory Ward, Hardboiled Love
“A Christmas Bauble” by Therese Greenwood, Kingston Whig-Standard, December 14, 2003
“Dead in the Water” by Dennis Murphy, Storyteller, Summer 2003
“When Laura Smiles” by Liz Palmer, Bone Dance
“The Gimmick” by Vern Smith, Hardboiled Love

Детский роман:
«АЭ» - Graham McNamee, Acceleration, Wendy Lamb Books

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Julian Sher & William Marsden, The Road to Hell, Knopf Canada

Книга на французском языке:
«АЭ» - Jean Lemieux, On finit toujours par payer, La Courte Echelle


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Max Haines

«АЭ» - Fifth Son by Barbara Fradkin
The Last Good Day by Gail Bowen
Лин Гамильтон "Мадьярская венера" - The Magyar Venus by Lyn Hamilton
Playing with Fire by Peter Robinson
Sweep Lotus by Mark Zuehlke

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Dark Places by Jon Evans
Death in the Age of Steam by Mel Bradshaw
Raw Deal by Rick Gadziola
Mad Money by Linda L. Richards
The Border Guards by Mark Sinnett

«АЭ» - “Crocodile Tears” by Leslie Watts, Revenge: A Noir Anthology
“The Robbie Burns Revival” by Cecilia Kennedy, Robbie Burns Revival
“Sounds of Silence” by Dennis Richard Murphy, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, December 2004
“Death of a Dry-Stone Wall” by Dennis Richard Murphy, Storyteller, Summer 2004
“Sunnyside” by Coleen Steele, Storyteller, Summer 2004

Детский роман:
«АЭ» - Carrie Mac, The Beckoners, Orca Book Publishers

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Matthew Hart, The Irish Game, Viking Canada

Книга на французском языке:
«АЭ» - Ann Lamontagne, Les Douze Pierres,Vents d’Ouest


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Mary Jane Maffini

«АЭ» - April Fool by William Deverell
Cemetery of the Nameless by Rick Blechta
Джайлс Блант «Сезон мошкары» - Black Fly Season by Giles Blunt
Cold Dark Matter by Alex Brett
Strange Affair by Peter Robinson

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Луиз Пенни "Что скрывал покойник" / "Убийственно тихая жизнь"- Still Life by Louise Penny
The Joining of Dingo Radish by Rob Harasymchuk
All Shook Up by Mike Harrison
Sugarmilk Falls by Ilona van Mil

«АЭ» - “Lightning Rider” by Rick Mofina, Murder in Las Vegas: New Crime Tales of Gambling & Desperation
“Plenty of Time” by Melanie Fogel, When Boomers Go Bad
“The Red Pagoda” by Day’s Lee, When Boomers Go Bad
“The Headless Horseman and the Horseless Carriage” by James Powell, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, September/October 2005
“The Knitting Circle” by Coleen Steele, Storyteller, Winter 2005

Детский роман:
«АЭ» - Vicki Grant, Quid Pro Quo, Orca Book Publishers

Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Rebecca Godfrey, Under the Bridge: The True Story of the Murder of Reena Virk, HarperCollins Canada

Книга на французском языке:
«АЭ» - Gérald Galarneau, Motel Riviera, Les Editions JCL


«АЭ» - Honour Among Men by Barbara Fradkin
Lone Wolf by Linwood Barclay
Every Secret Thing by Emma Cole
Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs
Питер Робинсон «Растерзанное сердце» - Piece of My Heart by Peter Robinson

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Sign of the Cross by Anne Emery
The Elvis Interviews by Glen Bonham
Reparations by Stephen Kimber
Dead Money by Grant McCrea
Deadly Lessons by David Russell

«АЭ» - “Fuzzy Wuzzy” by Dennis Richard Murphy, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, August 2006
“Lady in Violet Satin” by Vicki Cameron, Storyteller, Fall 2006
“The Curious Case of the Book Baron” by Karl El-Koura, Storyteller, Spring 2006
“Voices from the Deep” by Barbara Fradkin, Dead in the Water
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Документальная книга:
«АЭ» - Brian O'Dea, High: Confessions of a Pot Smuggler, Random House Canada

Книга на французском языке:
Награда не вручалась.

Неопубликованный дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Phyllis Smallman, Margarita Nights


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Эдвард Д. Хоч (Edward D. Hoch)

«АЭ» - Trumpets Sound No More by Jon Redfern
Линвуд Баркли "Исчезнуть не простившись" - No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay
Snow Candy by Terry Carroll
A Journeyman to Grief by Maureen Jennings
Луиза Пенни "Самый жестокий месяц" - The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - García’s Heart by Liam Durcan
The Line Painter by Claire Cameron
Big City, Bad Blood by Sean Chercover
Blood of Dreams by Susan Parisi
The Silk Train Murder by Sharon Rowse
Sucker Punch by Marc Strange

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Неопубликованный дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - D.J. McIntosh, The Witch of Babylon


Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award):
Gail Bowen

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The K Hand Shape by Maureen Jennings
Transgression by James W. Nichol
Луиза Пенни "Каменный убийца" - The Murder Stone (A Rule Against Murder) by Louise Penny
The Tsunami File by Michael E. Rose

Дебютный роман:
«АЭ» - Buffalo Jump by Howard Shrier
Iced Under by Nadine Doolittle
Talking to Wendigo by John C. Goodman
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Неопубликованный дебютный роман (Unhanged Arthur):
Pam Barnsley - This Cage of Bones
Deryn Collier - Confined Space
"АЭ" - Gloria Ferris - Corpse Flower
Blair Hemstock - Bait of Pleasure
Peter Kirby - Putting Them Down


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In Plain Sight, by Mike Knowles (ECW Press)
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Документальная книга:
"АЭ" - On the Farm, by Stevie Cameron (Knopf Canada)
Our Man in Tehran, by Robert Wright (HarperCollins)
Northern Light: The Enduring Mystery of Tom Thomson and the Woman Who Loved Him, by Roy MacGregor (Random House)

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Borderline, by Allan Stratton (HarperCollins)
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Vanités, by Johanne Seymour (Libre Expression)
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Quand la mort s’invite à la première, by Bernard Gilbert
(Québec Amérique)

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The Damage Done, by Hilary Davidson (Tom Doherty Associates)
"АЭ" - The Debba, by Avner Mandleman (Other Press)
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The Parabolist, by Nicholas Ruddock (Doubleday)
Чеви Стивенс "Похищенная" - Still Missing, by Chevy Stevens (St. Martin’s Press)

Неопубликованный роман (Unhanged Arthur (Best Unpublished First Crime Novel)):
"АЭ" - Better Off Dead, by John Jeneroux
Uncoiled, by Kevin Thornton
When the Bow Breaks, by Jayne Barnard


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• A Private Man, by Chris Laing (Seraphim)
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Документальная книга:
• Bloody Justice: The Truth behind the Bandidos Massacre at Shedden, by Anita Arvast (John Wiley)
• Octopus: Sam Israel, the Secret Market, and Wall Street’s Wildest Con, by Guy Lawson (Crown/Random House)
"АЭ" - The Devil’s Cinema: The Untold Story behind Mark Twitchell’s Kill Room, by Steve Lillebuen (McClelland & Stewart)
• Thieves of Bay Street: How Banks, Brokerages and the Wealthy Steal Billions from Canadians, by Bruce Livesey (Random House Canada)

Детская книга:
• Live to Tell, by Lisa Harrington (Cormorant Books)
• The Agency: The Traitor in the Tunnel, by Y.S. Lee (Candlewick Press)
• Crush Candy Corpse, by Sylvia McNicoll (James Lorimer)
"АЭ" - Becoming Holmes, by Shane Peacock (Tundra)
• The Lynching of Louie Sam, by Elizabeth Stewart (Annick Press)

Детективный роман на французском языке:
"АЭ" - La Nuit des albinos: Sur les traces de Max O’Brien, by Mario Bolduc (Libre Expression)
• De pierres et de sang, by André Jacques (Druide)
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Неопубликованный дебютный роман:
• Cold Black Tide, by William Hall
• The Raffle Baby, by Ilonka Halsband
"АЭ" - Sins Revisited, by Coleen Steele


Grand Master:
Howard Engel

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Rum Luck by Ryan Aldred
Full Curl by Dave Butler
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Derrick Murdoch Award:
Sylvia McConnell


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Eric Wright

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Christina Jennings


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The Ranchero’s Daughter, by Sylvia Maultash Warsh, published in 13 Claws by Carrick Publishing
The Sin Eaters, by Melissa Yi, published in Montreal Noir by Akashic Noir

Документальная книга:
Murder in Plain English, by Michael Arntfield and Marcel Danesi, publisher Prometheus Books
"АЭ" - The Whisky King, by Trevor Cole, publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Blood, Sweat and Fear, by Eve Lazarus, publisher Arsenal Pulp Press
The Dog Lover Unit, by Rachel Rose, publisher St. Martin's Press
Police Wife: The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Violence, by Alex Roslin, publisher Sugar Hill Books

Детская книга:
Missing, by Kelley Armstrong, publisher Penguin Random House Doubleday Canada
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The Disappearance, by Gillian Chan, publisher Annick Press Ltd.
Thistlewood, by Donna Chubaty, publisher Grasmere Publishing
The Lives of Desperate Girls, by MacKenzie Common, publisher Penguin Random House Penguin Teen Canada

Роман на французском языке:
Amqui, by Éric Forbes, publisher Héliotrope Noir
La vie rêvée de Frank Bélair, by Maxime Houde, publisher Éditions Alire Inc.
Les clefs du silence, by Jean Lemieux, publisher Québec Amérique
La mort en bleu pastel, by Maryse Rouy, publisher Éditions Druide
"АЭ" - Les Tricoteuses, by Marie Saur, publisher Héliotrope Noir

Неопубликованный роман:
The Alibi Network by Raimey Gallant
Finn Slew by Ken MacQueen
"АЭ" - Destruction in Paradise by Dianne Scott
Dig, Dug, Dead by Sylvia Teaves
Condemned by Kevin Thornton


Ron Corbett, Cape Diamond, ECW Press
Anne Emery, Though the Heavens Fall, ECW Press
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Дебютный роман:
A.J. Devlin, Cobra Clutch, NeWest Press
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Jean-Philippe Bernié, Un dernier baiser avant de te tuer, Libre Expression
Hervé Gagnon, Adolphus - Une enquête de Joseph Laflamme, Libre Expression
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Детский детектив:
Linwood Barclay, Escape, Puffin Canada
Michelle Barker, The House of One Thousand Eyes, Annick Press
Kevin Sands, Call of the Wraith, Aladdin
Tim Wynne-Jones, The Ruinous Sweep, Candlewick Press
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Документальная книга:
Patrick Brode, Dying for a Drink: How a Prohibition Preacher Got Away With Murder, Biblioasis
Thomas Giacomaro and Natasha Stoynoff, The King of Con: How a Smooth-Talking Jersey Boy Made and Lost Billions, Baffled the FBI, Eluded the Mob, and Lived to Tell the Crooked Tale, BenBella Books, Inc
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Неопубликованный роман:
Jim Bottomley, Hypnotizing Lions
Don Macdonald, Omand’s Creek
Liv McFarlane, The Scarlet Cross
Heather McLeod, One for the Raven Darrow Woods, The Book of Answers

Derrick Murdoch Award:
Vicki Delany

Re: Премия Артура Эллиса

СообщениеДобавлено: 26 апр 2010, 00:03
Автор Alex Smith
Алфавитный список

Роман | +
Peter Abrahams «Lights Out»
Lou Allin «Blackflies Are Murder»
Lisa Appignanesi «The Dead of Winter»
Margaret Atwood «Alias Grace»
Rosemary Aubert «Free Reign»
Rosemary Aubert «The Feast of Stephen»
Линвуд Баркли (Linwood Barclay) «Lone Wolf»
Linwood Barclay «Исчезнуть не простившись» (No Time for Goodbye)
Linwood Barclay «Смерть у порога» (Too Close to Home)
Jack Batten «Straight No Chaser»
C.C. Benison «Death at Sandringham House»
Anthony Bidulka «Aloha, Candy Hearts»
Rick Blechta «Cemetery of the Nameless»
Giles Blunt «Сезон мошкары» (Black Fly Season)
Джайлс Блант (Giles Blunt) «Нежная буря» (The Delicate Storm)
Джайлс Блант (Giles Blunt) «Сорок имен скорби» (Forty Words for Sorrow)

Gail Bowen «The Last Good Day»
Gail Bowen «The Wandering Soul Murders»
Gail Bowen «A Colder Kind of Death»
Gail Bowen «Verdict in Blood»
John Brady «All Souls»
John Brady «The Good Life»
John Brady «Unholy Ground»
John Brady «Kaddish in Dublin»
Alex Brett «Cold Dark Matter»
Terry Carroll «Snow Candy»
Martin S. Cohen «Light from Dead Stars»
Emma Cole «Every Secret Thing»
William Deverell «April Fool»
William Deverell «The Laughing Falcon»
William Deverell «Trial of Passion»
William Deverell «Slander»
William Deverell «Street Legal: The Betrayal»
William Deverell «Platinum Blues»
William Deverell «Mindfield»
William Deverell «The Dance of Shiva»
William Deverell «Mecca»
Howard Engel «There Was an Old Woman»
Howard Engel «Murder Sees the Light»
Джон Фарроу (John Farrow) «Ледяное озеро» (Ice Lake)
Джон Фарроу (John Farrow) «Ледяной город» (City of Ice)
Тимоти Финдли (Timothy Findley) «Ложь» (The Telling of Lies)

Barbara Fradkin «Honour Among Men»
Barbara Fradkin «Once Upon a Time»
Barbara Fradkin «Fifth Son»
Maurice Gagnon «The Inner Ring»
William Gibson «Virtual Light»
Douglas Glover «Precious»
Alison Gordon «Striking Out»
Лоуренс Гоуф (Laurence Gough) «Случайные смерти» (Accidental Deaths)
Laurence Gough «Свободное падение» (Fall Down Easy)
Laurence Gough
Laurence Gough «Смерть на рыболовном крючке» (Death on a No. 8 Hook (Silent Knives)
Laurence Gough «Горячие дозы» (Hot Shots)
Лоуренс Гоуф (Laurence Gough) «Тяжкие преступления» (Serious Crimes)
Лин Гамильтон (Lyn Hamilton) «Мадьярская венера» (The Magyar Venus)

R.J. Harlick «Arctic Blue Death»
Sparkle Hayter «Nice Girls Finish Last»
John Spencer Hill «Ghirlandaio’s Daughter»
Anthony Hyde «Red Fox»
Maureen Jennings «A Journeyman to Grief»
Maureen Jennings «The K Hand Shape»
Louis Joseph «Madelaine»
Nora Kelly «Hot Pursuit»
Nora Kelly «Old Wounds»
Lee Lamothe «The Finger's Twist»
Alexander Law «To an Easy Grave»
Scott Mackay «Cold Comfort»
Mary Jane Maffini «Lament for a Lounge Lizard»
Rick Mofina «Cold Fear»
Rick Mofina «Blood of Others»
Brian Moore «Lies of Silence»
Kim Moritsugu «The Glenwood Treasure»
James W. Nichol « Death Spiral»
James W. Nichol «Transgression»
Louise Penny «The Cruelest Month»
Louise Penny «The Murder Stone» (A Rule Against Murder)
Edward O. Phillips «Buried on Sunday»
Anna Porter «Mortal Sins»
Jon Redfern «Trumpets Sound No More»
John Reeves «Murder with Mskets»
John Reeves «Murder Before Matins»
Kathy Reichs «Break No Bones»
Kathy Reichs «Grave Secrets»
John Lawrence Reynolds «Gypsy Sins»
John Lawrence Reynolds «Solitary Dancer»
John Lawrence Reynolds «And Leave Her Lay Dying»
Питер Робинсон (Peter Robinson) «Strange Affair»
Peter Robinson «Aftermath»
Peter Robinson «The Summer that Never Was» (Close to Home)
Peter Robinson «Playing with Fire»
Peter Robinson «Innocent Graves»
Peter Robinson «Dead Right» (Blood at the Root)
Peter Robinson «In a Dry Season»
Peter Robinson «Cold Is the Grave»
Peter Robinson «Past Reason Hated»
Peter Robinson «Wednesday’s Child»
Peter Robinson «No Cure for Love»
Peter Robinson «A Dedicated Man»
Peter Robinson «The Hanging Valley»
Peter Robinson «Caedmon’s Song» (The First Cut)
Peter Robinson «Растерзанное сердце» (Piece of My Heart)
Кэролайн Роу (Caroline Roe) «Лекарство от измены» (Remedy for Treason)

Michael E. Rose «The Tsunami File»
David Rotenberg «The Hua Shuan Hospital Murders»
Jean Ruryk «Next Week Will Be Better»
Medora Sale «Pursued by Shadows»
Robert J. Sawyer «Illegal Alien»
Chris Scott «Jack: A Novel About Jack the Ripper»
Carol Shields «Swann» (Mary Swann)
Howard Shrier «High Chicago»
Frank Smith «Fatal Flaw»
Brad Smith «One-Eyed Jacks»
Michelle Spring «In the Midnight Hour»
Michelle Spring «Standing in the Shadows»
Carsten Stroud «Lizardskin»
Gregory Ward «Water Damage»
Ted Wood «Fool's Gold»
Ted Wood «Dead in the Water»
Eric Wright «A Body Surrounded by Water»
Eric Wright «A Single Death» (The Man Who Changed His Name)
Eric Wright «The Kidnapping of Rosie Dawn»
Eric Wright «Death in the Old Country»
Eric Wright «Smoke Detector»
Eric Wright «The Night the Gods Smiled»
L.R. Wright «Fall from Grace»
L.R. Wright «Kidnap»
L.R. Wright «Prized Possessions»
L.R. Wright «A Touch of Panic»
L.R. Wright «Mother Love»
L.R. Wright «A Chill Rain in January»
L.R. Wright «The Suspect»
Mark Zuehlke «Sweep Lotus»

Дебютный роман | +
Alvin Abram «The Unlikely Victims»
Bevan Amberhill «The Bloody Man»
Meredith Andrew «Deadly by Nature»
T.F. Banks «The Thief Taker»
C.C. Benison «Death at Buckingham Palace»
Anthony Bidulka «Amuse Bouche»
Glen Bonham «The Elvis Interviews»
Jane Bow «Dead and Living»
Elisabeth Bowers «Ladies’ Night»
Алан Брэдли (Alan Bradley) «Сладость на корочке пирога» (The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie)
Mel Bradshaw «Death in the Age of Steam»
Liz Brady «Sudden Blow»
John Brady «A Stone of the Heart»
James M. Burke «Fatal Choices»
Claire Cameron «The Line Painter»
J.D. Carpenter «The Devil in Me»
Terry Carroll «No Blood Relative»
Sean Chercover «Big City, Bad Blood»
Jim Christy «Shanghai Alley»
Peter Clement «Lethal Practice»
Maynard Collins «Death on 30 Beat»
Eileen Coughlan «Dying by Degrees»
Thomas Rendell Curran «Undertow»
Harry Currie «Debut for a Spy»
David Laing Dawson «Last Rights»
Anne M. Dooley «Plane Death»
Nadine Doolittle «Iced Under»
Karen Dudley «Hoot to Kill»
Elizabeth Duncan ««The Cold Light of Mourning»
Liam Durcan «García’s Heart»
Anne Emery «Sign of the Cross»
Jon Evans «Dark Places»
C.B. Forrest ««Weight of Stones»
Roy French «A Sense of Honour»
Rick Gadziola «Raw Deal»
John C. Goodman «Talking to Wendigo»
Лоуренс Гоуф (Laurence Gough) «Аквариум для золотой рыбки» (The Goldfish Bowl)
Paul Grescoe «Flesh Wound»
Margaret Haffner «A Murder of Crows»
Lyn Hamilton «The Xibalba Murders»
Rob Harasymchuk «The Joining of Dingo Radish»
Mike Harrison «All Shook Up»
James Hawkins «Missing: Presumed Dead»
Sparkle Hayter «What’s a Girl Gotta Do?»
John Spencer Hill «Last Castrato»
Peter Hogg «Crimes of War»
Brendan Howley «The Stalking Horse» (The Third Circle)
Karen Irving «Pluto Rising»
Maureen Jennings «Except the Dying»
Michael Johnson «Confession in Moscow»
Stephen Kimber «Reparations»
Stuart Langford «Deadlock»
Allan Levine «Blood Libel»
April Lindgren «Headline: Murder»
Mary Jane Maffini «Speak Ill of the Dead»
H. Mel Malton «Down in the Dumps»
Douglas Marshall «A Very Palpable Hit»
Susan Mayse «Merlin’s Web»
Grant McCrea «Dead Money»
Keith McKinnon «The Rempal Inquest»
Eugene Meese ««A Magpie's Smile»
Ilona van Mil «Sugarmilk Falls»
Rick Mofina «If Angels Fall»
Dennis Richard Murphy ««Darkness at the Break of Dawn»
James W. Nichol «Midnight Cab»
Suzanne North «Healthy, Wealthy and Dead»
Susan Parisi «Blood of Dreams»
David Parry & Patrick Withrow «The Jacamar Nest»
Луиз Пенни (Louise Penny) «Что скрывал покойник» (Still Life)
Jonathon Platz «Work of Idle Hands»
Kevin J. Porter «Come Clean»
Andrew Pyper «Lost Girls»
Jon Redfern «The Boy Must Die»
Jan Rehner «Just Murder»
Кэти Райх (Kathy Reichs) «Уже мертва» (Deja Dead)
John Lawrence Reynolds «The Man Who Murdered God»
Linda L. Richards «Mad Money»
Nancy Richler «Throwaway Angels»
Peter Robinson «Gallows View»
Michael E. Rose «The Mazovia Legacy»
Sharon Rowse «The Silk Train Murder»
David Russell «Deadly Lessons»
Kerri Sakamoto «The Electrical Field»
Medora Sale «Murder on the Run»
Gavin Scott «Memory Trace»
Howard Shrier «Buffalo Jump»
John Worsley Simpson «Undercut»
Mark Sinnett «The Border Guards»
Phyllis Smallman «Margarita Nights»
Michelle Spring «Every Breath You Take»
Barbara J. Stewart «The Sleeping Boy»
Sean Stewart «Passion Play»
Marc Strange «Sucker Punch»
Carsten Stroud «Sniper’s Moon»
Betsy Struthers «Found: A Body»
Richard J. Thomas «Gas Head Willy»
D.H. Toole «Moonlit Days and Nights»
Cathy Vasas-Brown «Every Wickedness»
Sylvia Maultash Warsh «To Die in Spring»
Alan Watt «Diamond Dogs»
Leslie Watts «The Chocolate Box»
Garrett Wilson «Guilty Addictions»
Patrick Withrow & David Parry «The Jacamar Nest»
Caroline Woodward «Alaska Highway Two-Step»
Scott Young «Murder in a Cold Climate»
Mark Zuehlke «Hands Like Clouds»

Книга на французском языке | +
Mario Bolduc «Tsiganes»
Chystine Brouillet «Les fiancees de l'enfer»
Jacques Côté «Le Chemin des brumes»
Jacques Côté «Le rouge ideal»
Gérald Galarneau «Motel Riviera»
Arthur Ghost «Blockhaus»
Maxime Houde «Le Poids des Illusions»
André Jacques «La Tendresse du serpent»
Ann Lamontagne «Les Douze Pierres»
Genevieve Lefebvre «Je compte les morts»
Jean Lemieux «Le mort du chemin des Arsene»
Jean Lemieux «On finit toujours par payer»
Anne-Michèle Lévesque «Fleur invitait au troisième»
Sylvain Meunier «L’Homme qui détestait le golf»
Lionel Noel «Louna»
Giles Ouimet/Anne-Marie Pona «Therapie mortelle»
Stanley Pean «Le temps s'enfuit»
Jean-Jacques Pelletier «La Faim de la Terre 1 & 2»
Anne-Marie Pona/Giles Ouimet «Therapie mortelle»
Norman Spehner «Le roman policier en Amerique francaise»
Diane Vincent «Peaux de chagrins»
Antoine Yaccarini «Meurtre au Soleil»

Детский роман | +
Kim Askew «Surfers Of Snow»
Barbara Hayworth Attard «Haunted»
Linda Bailey «How Can a Brilliant Detective Shine in the Dark»
Linda Bailey «How Can A Frozen Detective Stay Hot On The Trail»

Linda Bailey «What's A Daring Detective Like Me Doing in The Doghouse?»
Nicholas Boving «Maxim Gunn: The Demon Plan»
Vicki Cameron «That Kind of Money»
Sean Cullen «Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates»
Sheila Dalton «Trial by Fire»
John Dowd «Abalone Summer»
Vicki Grant «Res Judicata»
Vicki Grant «Not Suitable for Family Viewing»
Vicki Grant «Quid Pro Quo»
James Heneghan «Torn Away»

Susan Juby «Getting the Girl»
May Labatt «The Ghost of Captain Briggs»
Carrie Mac «The Beckoners»
Elizabeth MacLeod «Royal Murder»
Norah McClintock «Dead Silence»
Norah McClintock «Homicide Related: a Ryan Dooley Mystery»
Norah McClintock «Break and Enter»
Norah McClintock «Scared to Death»
Norah McClintock «Sins Of The Father»
Norah McClintock «The Body in the Basement»
Norah McClintock «Mistaken Identity»

Roy McGregor «Terror in Florida»
Sharon E. McKay «War Brothers»
Graham McNamee «Acceleration»

Sylvia McNicholl «Grave Secrets»
Shane Peacock «Eye of the Crow»
Shane Peacock «The Mystery of Ireland's Eye»
Arthur Slade «The Hunchback Assignments»
Robert Sutherland «Secret Of Devils Lake»
Cora Taylor «Vanishing Act»
Mary Woodbury «The Intrepid Polly McDoodle»
Tim Wynne-Jones «The Uninvited»
Tim Wynne-Jones «The Boy in the Burning House»

Рассказ | +
Tony Aspler “Murder by Half” (Cold Blood: Murder in Canada)
Rosemary Aubert “Midnight Boat to Palermo” (Cold Blood V)
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John Ballem “Rigged to Blow” (Secret Tales of the Arctic Trails)
William Bankier “The Big Lonely” (Cold Blood V)
William Bankier “Wade in the Balance” (Criminal Shorts)
William Bankier “One Day at a Time” (Cold Blood II)
William Bankier “One Day at a Time” (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, October 1988)
Edo van Belkom “Catabolism” (Felonious Felines)
Edo van Belkom “The Piano Player Has No Fingers” (The Piano Player Has No Fingers)
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Документальная книга | +
Daphne Bramham «The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada's Polygamous Mormon Sect»
Patrick Brode «The Slasher Killings»
Sharon Butala «The Girl in Saskatoon: A Meditation on Friendship, Memory and Murder»
Alex Caine «Befriend and Betray: Infiltrating the Hells Angels, Bandidos and Other Criminal Brotherhoods»
Alex Caine «The Fat Mexican»
Michael Calce & Craig Silverman «Mafiaboy: How I Cracked the Internet and Why It’s Still Broken»
Stevie Cameron «Blue Trust»
Stevie Cameron & Harvey Cashore «The Last Amigo»
Harvey Cashore & Stevie Cameron «The Last Amigo»
Peter Edwards/Joyce Millgaard «A Mother's Story»
Derek Finkle «No Claim To Mercy»
Martin Friedland «The Trials of Israel Lipsky»
Rebecca Godfrey «Under the Bridge: The True Story of the Murder of Reena Virk»
Terry Gould «Murder Without Borders»
Michael Harris «The Prodigal Husband»
Matthew Hart «The Irish Game»
Yvonne Johnson & Rudy Wiebe «A Stolen Life»
Yves Lavigne «Hell's Angels at War»
Elliott Leyton «Hunting Humans»
Mick Lowe «Conspiracy of Brothers»
William Lowther «Arms and the Man: Dr. Gerald Bull, Iraq and the Supergun»
Kirk Makin «Redrum the Innocent»
William Marsden & Julian Sher «The Road to Hell»
Susan Mayse «Ginger: The Life and Death of Albert Goodwin»
A.B. McKillop «The Spinster and the Prophet, Macfarlane»
Peter McSherry «The Big Red Fox»
Jeremy Mercer «Money for Nothing»
Joyce Millgaard/Peter Edwards «A Mother's Story»
Andrew Mitrovica «Covert Entry»
Jean Monet «The Cassock And The Crown»
Brian O'Dea «High: Confessions of a Pot Smuggler»
David M Paciocco «Getting Away With Murder»
Patricia Pearson «When She Was Bad; Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence»
Kerry Pither «Dark Days: The Story of Four Canadians Tortured in the Name of Fighting Terror»
Lisa Priest «1990 Conspiracy of Silence»
Robert Remington & Sherri Zickefoose «Runaway Devil»
Gary Ross «Stung: The Incredible Obsession of Brian Moloney»
Bill Schiller «A Hand In The Water»
Andreas Schroeder «Cheats, Charlatans, and Chicanery: More Outrageous Tales of Skulduggery»
Alison Shaw «A Friend Of The Family»
Julian Sher «One Child at a Time: The Global Fight to Rescue Children from Online Predators»
Julian Sher & William Marsden «The Road to Hell»
Maggie Siggins «A Canadian Tragedy»
Craig Silverman & Michael Calce «Mafiaboy: How I Cracked the Internet and Why It’s Still Broken»
Lois Simmie «The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson» (A True Story of Love & Murder)
Gordon Sinclair Jr. «Cowboys and Indians»
David Stafford «Churchill and Secret Service»
Jon Wells «Postmortem»
Rudy Wiebe and Yvonne Johnson «A Stolen Life»
David R. Williams «With Malice Aforethought»
Sherri Zickefoose & Robert Remington «Runaway Devil»

Критическая работа (Best Genre Criticism/Reference Award) | +
Donald A. Redmond «Sherlock Holmes Among the Pirates»
Wesley A. Wark «Spy Fiction, Spy Films and Real Intelligence»

Пьеса | +
Timothy Findley «The Stillborn Lover, Blizzard»

Неопубликованный дебютный роман | +
Pam Barnsley «This Cage of Bones»
Pam Barnsley «This Cage of Bones»
Deryn Collier «Confined Space»
Gloria Ferris «Corpse Flower»
Gloria Ferris «Cheat the Hangman»
Blair Hemstock «Bait of Pleasure»
Peter Kirby «Putting Them Down»
Stephen Maher «Salvage»
D.J. McIntosh «The Witch of Babylon»
Douglas A. Moles « Louder»
Phyllis Smallman «Margarita Nights»
Kevin Thornton «Condemned»

Премия Деррика Мердока (Derrick Murdoch Award) | +
Tony Aspler
William Bankier
Eddie Barber
Rick Blechta
Gail Bowen
Margaret Cannon
James Dubro
Howard Engel
Cheryl Freedman
Max Haines
Эдвард Д. Хоч (Edward D. Hoch)
Mary Jane Maffini
Jim & Margaret McBride
Маргарет Миллар (Margaret Millar)
Derrick Murdoch
John North
James Powell
Jim Reicke
Peter Sellers
J. D. Singh
David Skene-Melvin
Caro Soles
«The CBC Drama Department»
Eric Wilson
Ted Wood
L.R. Wright
Eric Wright

Re: Премия Артура Эллиса

СообщениеДобавлено: 03 июн 2017, 08:41
Автор igorei
Уже определены победители 2016 года.
В номинации лучший роман Donna Morrissey, The Fortunate Brother.
В номинации иучший дебютный роман Elle Wild, Strange Things Done
Лучшая повесть Rick Blechta, Rundown
Рассказ Susan Daly, A Death at the Parsonage
Лучший на французском Marie-Eve Bourassa, Red Light
Для детей Gordon Korman, Masterminds: Criminal Destiny
Лучшая документальная книга Jeremy Grimaldi, A Daughter's Deadly Deception: The Jennifer Pan Story
Неопубликованный S.J. Jennings, The Golkonda Project
http://mysteryreadersinc.blogspot.co.il ... crime.html